7 Reasons Why Bizzyaski Is Nigeria’s Most Celebrated Tattoo Artist

The name Bisola Ojikutu might not immediately strike a chord to many, but. “Bizzyaski” is a household name to lovers of tattoos and general body beautification in Nigeria.

Bizzyaski is one dude who deserves more than he is currently being celebrated at the moment as one of the youths doing Nigeria proud with his talents and breaking new grounds in the nations’ beauty sector. Here are just a few reasons why he is the king in the game…

1. Bizzyaski Is The Most Popular Tattoo Artist In Nigeria

The name has become a sort of recurring decimal in the industry, as over the years Bizzyaski has attracted the curiosity of the media who constantly approach him for his opinion on matters relating to tattoos and beauty in general, knowing fully that he is an authority on the subject. From HipTV to City People Magazine and Encomium to Thisday and Leadership, Bizzyaski continues to get wide exposure.

2. Bizzyaski Is The Most Sought-After Tattoo Artist Among Celebrities

While many A-list celebrities would rather travel abroad to have their tattoos and pink lips owing to health concerns, Bizzyaski is widely trusted by many top Nigerian celebrities, who even though can afford to travel out, have made Bizzyaski the beautician of their choice. His celebrity clients include; Terry G, Side 1, Danny Young, AY.Com, Adol, Iyabo Ojo, Karen Igho, Lil’
Kesh, Charlie Boy, Kiss Daniel, Lord Triggs, Cynthia morgan, Eva, the Afolayans, to name just a few.

3. Bizzyaski Is The Most Searched Nigerian Tattoo Artist On Google

Ever tried searching Google.com for information about Tattoo in Nigeria? Most of the information that will be suggested by Google has to have Bizzyaski included. For more than 5 years now, the name Bizzyaski has been at the top of Google.com search engine’s rank with most keywords that have to do with Nigerian Tattoo.

4. Bizzyaski Was First To Invent Pinklip Magic�.

The California-trained beautician invented the soar-away product called Pinklip Magic� , Nigeria’s first balm which helps people achieve a pink lip. Pinklip Magic� is fortified with all the herbal nutrients your lips need to stay healthy, soft and pink without the use of
harsh chemicals found in many of today’s lip products. A lot of people used to permanently tattoo their lips pink through a
shading process just to have a pink lip, but this is very
dangerous and often lead to swollen lips or other irritation. Thanks to
Pinklip Magic�, a novel creation from Bizzyaski, anyone can have a soft, rosy, healthy, pretty and pinky lip in Just 7 Days!

5. First Nigerian Tattoo Artist To Be Endorsed By The Corporate World

Having been examined to be the best in the game, Bizzyaski Studios and Bizzyaski himself was prominently featured in the Airtel Padi Club 10 TV Commercials and Billboards sometime ago. Bizzyaski also gave free temporary ‘Don’t Break Da Beat’ tattoo to guests having been contracted by Nokia for the last Nokia ‘Don’t Break Da Beat’ Championship. This was the first time a Tattoo artist would be so embraced and projected in the mainstream in Nigeria.
7 Reasons Why Bizzyaski Is Nigeria

6. First To Bring Into The Country, The Carboxytherapy For Stretchmark

Carboxytherapy refers to the administration of carbon dioxide gas [CO 2] for therapeutic purposes.
Carboxytherapy was first used at the Royal Spas of France in 1932 with
the treatment of patients afflicted by peripheral arterial occlusive disease.
In South America and
Europe, carbon dioxide therapy has been applied to the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, and
hypertrophic scars with impressive results. Studies have demonstrated
that carboxytherapy improves skin elasticity, improves circulation,
encourages collagen repair,
improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and destroys localized fatty deposits. Carboxytherapy is now in Nigeria courtesy of Bizzyaski Studios.

7. Bizzyaski Is The First To Have a Chain Of State-of-The-Art Tattoo Studios

Bizzyaski now has branches of his studios in different parts of the country (5 branches so far including at IKEJA, LEKKI, AKURE,ABUJA) and still counting.

8. Bizzyaski Is Super-Talented, Checkout His Music

Did We tell you that Bizzyaski is a super-talented rapper cum singer too? Bizzyaski surprised the public when he recently released a high definition video to his single “Etirinkenken”, featuring popular Yoruba comic actor, Sanyeri.

Bizzyaski’s latest single is titled “See Mattayas” featuring pop star Terry G

Coming out as musical artiste and doing it so well also, has earned Bizzyaski more respect among observers who keep wondering how is able to come up with music works so good, despite his busy schedules as a beautician; but then like we usually say in local parlance,”ABINIBI IS DIFFERENT FROM ABILITY”.(Meaning, Bizzyaski is product of natural gift and brilliance)


*SPOT REMOVAL.(Gadget/Oil)

Bizzyaski continues looking for new ways to stand out and give his daily increasing clientelle the best service they can get anywhere in the world..

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